Hi Loves,

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays, so let’s start by saying Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. I hope you have a little fun with all your loved ones.
Today i’m coming to you with a interior update, as most of you know we bought our first home last August. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find those amazing statement pieces but santa’s little helper is here to make that challenge a lot easier.

So to start off I found the perfect place to get your statement pieces and that is Designonline24.
For my home gold and marble are a must, it makes your house extra chic with that glamour touch.
I’m so obsessed with my new table because for 1. It’s gold and 2. Because of the of the glass you can see all the details at all times and not have to hide all the pretty details. I got the glass one but for all the marble lovers out there I’ve got the perfect solution;) one with a marble top!

Making a statement in your home is a must for me, you can do it in all possible ways with all kind of items. My statement at home? My bold black and grey rug!! I love the grey twist in it and it makes the details of my gold table even more visible. But if you are not a big fan of black they have mine in 3 different colors but also different kind of shapes and styles. So you can find your perfect fit.

A home needs to be cozy and you because after all you need to live there. So making good choices about you interior can make all the difference and makes you never want to leave the place haha!
So this little helper is going to give you 10 beautiful items to make your house a real home, Let’s start!!

  1. My velvet sofa is just perfection, it’s big enough to make 4 people sit what I think is just amazing. And velvet is one of the biggest trends in interior at the moment. So it the perfect combination. ( this item is in stock at the moment).

  2. This yellow chair is the perfect statement and has the prettiest details to it. And again it brings the velvet trend in to your home. I would put and blanket on it and maybe a soft pillow to make it so so cozy. ( Item is in stock at the moment)

3. These 2 leather chairs fit straight in the urban jungle trend that is going on at the moment. I just love the details and the boldness of these chairs. And what I think is a great solution is that it’s not real leather but does look like real leather. ( item is in stock at the moment)

4. This is my all time favorite because it’s black with marble!! do I need to say more. If it wasn’t for my gold one I for sure would have this one!! ( item is in stock at the moment)

5. Every home need a great dining table a this badass is amazing. I love the big statement it makes with those black matt legs under it. (item is in stock at the moment)

6. This TemaHome side table makes my heart skip a beat. I just love the greens in combination with gold. This is the perfect table to set somewhere when you have a party and you want a statement.( item is in stock at the moment)

7. Everybody needs good lights in their home and this gold baby makes it even better to look at.(item is in stock at the moment)

8. In every bedroom you need some storage space and I think this beauty is the right one for the job!(item is in stock at the moment)

9. I always wanted a bar in my home (Still don’t have one) but a girl can wish for it with these amazing pink stools.(item is in stock at the moment)

10. So loves this beauty is a 10 out of 10, every women deserves a pink velvet chair, LOVEE!! (item is in stock at the moment)

So loves this are my favorites and I hope you love them as much as I do.
I hope you christmas is filled with love and great fun.

Love, Jade