I’m so happy that we got some sun the last 2 weeks in The Netherlands. I am feeling this summer vibe finally we can wear some skirts and sit outside. But what I love even more is planning the perfect summer get away and this time around I got some help from Groupon. And for that matter I would love to share my 5 favorites with you, LET’S GO!


My favorite is this 5 or 8 day surprise trip to Southern Europe, I just love that it is a surprise but that you know you are going somewhere sunny! I would love to know where Groupon would send me!


With being a blogger you are always online and sometimes I think going offline is good for your mind. That’s why I love the option of having a ‘quiet weekend’ with this option you can sleep in a church, what I think is pretty cool! You can do some meditation and have breathing sessions, but the most fun is to color some mandala’s.

The next one is perfect for the up coming Fathers day because it’s a golf trip, and we all know dad’s love that! You can relax and take some real quality time! And a fun fact they are really environmentally friendly and that is something we all need to be a bit more!


So what is your favorite babes? Are you going to spoil yourself or you dad for fathers day? For more amazing deals Groupon has a summer shop where you can get the best deals.

So let’s have a little summer fun babes, ENJOY!

Love, Jade

Hi Babes,

In just a month I’m going to Paris, and I can’t wait to be honest.
Drinking coffeé, walking past the eiffeltower and looking up seeing pretty details.
I think traveling gives you a different feel, you don’t need to think and worry about stupid things.
No work and no bullshit, today I had lunch at this super cute place. It was in Amsterdam but gave me that Paris feel. Just look at the pink with gold details and not to mention that amazing carpet, LOVE IT. I could live here haha, just as I could live in Paris. And best of all, we are going to disneyland.
I feel like a kid just typing this but what the hell I don’t care, I can’t count how many times I’ve been but it was a lot. Let adults feel like kids again.

Love, Jade

// Hi Babes,

Nog één maand en dan gaan we één week naar Parijs, Ik kan gewoon echt niet wachten.
In de mooiste koffie tentjes koffie drinken, lopen langs de eiffeltoren en ook gewoon om je heen kijken en al die mooie details zien. Ik denk dat door te reizen je een ander gevoel krijgt, een vrij gevoel. Je hoeft niet na te denken of je zorgen te maken over stomme dingen. Geen werk en geen bullshit, vandaag was Ik In Amsterdam maar het gaf me het gevoel even in Parijs te zijn. Die roze met gouden details en dan heb Ik het nog niet eens gehad over dat tapijt, LOVE IT. Ik zou er zo kunnen wonen, net als in Parijs trouwens. Maar het beste van alles Disneyland, JEEJ! Ik voel me dan altijd zo’n klein kind, but what the hell laten volwassenen soms ook kinderen zijn.

Love, Jade