Hi Babes,

With it being March, Spring is around the corner. In spring everything changes, lighter colors you pick to wear, softer make-up and a less heavy fragrance:)
And on that last topic I’m showing you my favorites, normally I wear a bit heavier scent. My all-time favorite is Lancóme with La vie est belle and Micheal kors with Sexy Amber. But today let’s go for the girly scents.


1.Michael Kors: Exotic Blossom

For me I feel that Michael Kors makes those sexy scents that makes a women feel powerful ( My ultimate favorite: Sexy Amber) and I think they did that with this scent too. Also they gave that exotic twist that makes It different from the other ones. €59,99 for 30 ML.

   2.  Jimmy Choo: Blossom
This new scent is girly and smells to me like fresh flowers and long beach nights.
As the brand says: The scent inspires the wearer to radiate self-confidence and     glamor when she
indented the new season.The scent contains elements of the radiant colors and delicious scents
that fill the air after the long winter months. €59,99 for 40 ML.

 3.  Jo Malone Londen: English Fields Honey & Crocus
Jo Malone is my absolute favorite brand with everything, Maybe because they have those
British genes like me. This honey scent gives you the real spring vibe:) € 57,99 for 30 ML.

    4. Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc 
Tom Ford is sexy and like being on a beach an never coming back. As the brand says It in the perfect words: an addictive sunny flower amber brought to life by seductive refinement and
refreshing decadence. This was is the most expensive, € 101,99 for 30 ML.

    5.   Guerlain: Mon Guerlain Florale
I just love Guerlain because they really make everything feel so feminine and that’s the same
with this scent. Sensual femininity, inspired by Angelina Jolie.
The lavish sambac jasmine and the freshness of carla lavender, fused with the delicate peony, produce a radiant fragrance, like a bouquet of sunflowers. €69,95 for 30 ML.

Did you already smell one of the new spring scents? Let me know what your ultimate favorite is:)

LOVE, Jade



Hi Darlings,

A phew months ago I was at an event from Vichy Netherlands with my dear friend Mirte.
And to be honest with you I didn’t do anything as my skin care routine, SO BAD!
They told me about my skin and how bad it will look in a couple of years if I would continu to do nothing about it. I went under a device that made a scan of my face, really weird! You see yourself in black and white and all the areas that are dehydrated and in need for a boost. For me that are my lips, the skin under my eyes and the area around my nose. This gave me a little wake up call and I started to take my skin care a little more serious.

So down below are my ultimate favorites I want to show you:)

STEP 1: Always clean your face, I know sometimes when you are tired and you just want to go to bed ( after a party;) you totally don’t feel like it. But just try and make an effort, the 50 year old you would be thankful.
To clean my face I start by pulling my hair back in a ponytail and wash it with water. After that I use the Niveau Micellair water sensitive. I get 2 cotton pads, for the first I go over my whole face and make sure all the dirt is gone and for the second I go in a bit deeper.

STEP 2: Because off the dehydrated skin under my eyes I use Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening eye balm.
I use 2 pomps of this product and rub it in under both my eyes.
After a week you will notice the difference trust me!

STEP 3: My all time secret and favorite is the Vichy Mineral 89 fortifying and pluming daily booster.
I know it is a lot of words but this product is made with minerals and water. Its so light on the face and you will get that boost you want. ( ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ) I use 2 pomps and rub it in on my whole face and neck.

STEP 4: After that I think using a good daily cream is a must, I use the Vichy slow age. This product is for the younger skin and is so soft. If you are 20 till 35 this product is a must! I use 2 pomp and divide it on my face before I rub it in.

STEP 5: For a total moisturiser I take 2 pomps of the Olaz 7 in one. I love that in this product their is SPF 15, even if like me you live in The Netherlands it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. I use 2 pomps and put it lightly on my whole face.

STEP 6: After all those steps I finish it off with the best serum there is in town, the lancóme Advanced genifique sensitive. This product is the most expensive but it is worth it, after I put this on my hole face my skin feels light and so soft. You really get the feeling it makes your skin look less dry. I use 3 drops on my fingers and rub it in on my whole face.

STEP 7: If I have a party and I want to give my face an extra boost I use the Vichy Liftactiv. This gives your skin such a pretty glow and looks so healthy. I use 2/3 drops and rub it in my face and neck.

So loves this is my routine, do you use products I use? or do you have other must haves that you think I should try? Please let me know in the comments below.

LOVE, Jade