I love painting my nails and make them look fresh and healthy, thats why I am obsessed with the new pink nail trend. My favorite go to colors are a mix between pinks and neutral colors with sometimes a good dark color as a twist. I love how a great nail color can make or break a good outfit, it’s in the details babes. The thing with nail polishes is that everytime I go to the store I buy a new one, because i’m always searching for that perfect one.
But back to the pink trend, here are my 4 favorites ones to help you through the summer.

First of this Miss Sporty baby pink tone, this is the new ‘one minute quick dry’ and it really does what it says. You can apply it ones and have a very light tone or twice and the color gets more ‘pop’. I love the packaging because it’s small and easy to take with you on a weekend getaway or holiday.


Then this New York Color one, it’s a darker tone then the last one and that’s why I love it. You can put this one on in 1 go and it covers it completely and for us girls in a constant hurry that’s what we want.

I never heard of Alessandro but I was surprised about there verity of colors. Love them all!
This tone is called ‘Exotic strawberry’ and I get why, the metallic finish really make you get the summer feeling.

Last but not least, this amazing gel effect tone by Deborah Milano. I just love the Gel polishes because for starters they stay on way longer then a normal polish and I think it looks really put together with an nice outfit. Check Bol.com for more colors!


I think one of these colors will fit every girl, if you like fuchsia or baby pink one will match your taste.You can even find the perfect combination using 2 shades, and if you do let me know babes:)
I hope I helped you a little to pick the perfect summer pink. Which one is you favorite?

Love, Jade