I’m so happy it’s that time of the year again and that I finally have a legit reason to wear my sunglasses, YES BABY. I think it’s really important to wear sunglasses on a sunny day. That’s why I think Polette has the perfect concept. Polette is a online webshop with a new distribution method and low prices, witch is perfect for girls on a budget.

When I was younger I didn’t really care about if I had sunglasses from Primark or Ray-ban, I just wanted to have a new pair every week. Now en days I really care if sunglasses protect my eyes and did check what they must comply to. I learned that a good pair of sunglasses need at least a filter of 380 nm. This is what your eyes can handle as an UV radiation, I think everybody should know at least a little about something this important. Also if sunnies do have a filter they need to have the CM-MARK, normally you can find the mark on the frame.

So even if you don’t have the budget to buy the newest IT sunnies from Celine, always check you are wearing a pair that’s good for your eyes. In just a week i’m getting my newest purchase and it’s a white marble one with a little cat eye, I mean I love a good cat eye!

I hope you now know what to look for in a new pair of sunnies and think twice before you buy them.
What is you favorite pair? and what do you look for in a new pair of sunnies? Let me know babes!

Love, Jade


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