Travel: My 5 Favorite Paris Hotspots

Well hello Sunday, I can’ believe it’s been 3 weeks since Paris.  And boy how I miss it, I mean the streets, the food and the vibe I adore Paris! For all the babes going soon my 5 ultimate hotspot you can’t miss:)

First off: The Louvre

I know it’s sounds cheesy but look at the architecture and all the details that are in this building.
There is one place that’s my favorite and that’s the apartment of Lodewijk XIV, all the gold and details make my fashion heart beat faster. You won’t regret standing in line, I promise!

Take 2: La Favorite

And as the name says, this is my FAVORITE!! If you want the best steak tartar and french fries this is the place to be! They have 6 in Paris so you can find one close by at all times.

Number 3: Hotel Marignan Champs Elysées

This Hotel is so amazing, can’t get over there breakfast and the Eiffeltower view, and I think it’s in the most amazing neighborhood of whole Paris.

4+4: Never a day without Laduree

Everybody knows Laduree if it is for there amazing Macarons, or the most colorful cakes.
For me this is a must in paris and you should get at least 2 Pastries!!

Last but not least 5: Place Verdôme

First off that chanel blue door I mean it does not get better then that, have a walk around an get that real parisian feel for 5 minutes!

So these are my 5 all time favorites, I hope you like them:) What are yours? and any tips for my next trip? Cause it won’t be long before I will be back.

Love, Jade


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