REAL TALK 1: Accused of something you didn’t do!

Disclamer: In this post I will not call the name of the company or names of the employees.
This not to harm the company or the people in it. This story is my point of view and there was no link on my social media I ever worked there. This is legally checked so there can be no missunderstanding. This is my opinion.

Hi Darlings,

Today I wanted to tell a personal story that happend a couple of months ago.

To be honest I loved my work as a Visual Merchandiser in the retail branch and I loved working for this company, when I started I worked my ass off and wanted to make my job a bit more personal towards the stores that I visited. Everything went great un till after a month I got a phone call that something happend and they wanted to know what I knew about this situation. I called my supervisor  at the time and told her wat happend and exactly what I knew. It bothered me a lot and I panicked. I maybe called my supervisor 6/7 times about it because I wanted to be sure everything was oke. Maybe that made me look guilty? I have no idea. I just knew at that point ( after 7 years retail ) you don’t want to been put in a situation you have nothing to do with. So I tried to make some peace with it the upcoming month and did my job.

Then the last day off my ‘trail period’ they call me in to the office. And when I got the phone call the night before I knew it was trouble. The conversation did go on for about 3 minutes, yes 3 minutes.
They told me they where letting me go and the only thing I heard In my mind was a very long beep and after that came: NO F*CKING WAY. They couldn’t give me a reason because they had the right to legally. I’m not a stupid idiot ( I had one feedback moment and everything was fine) I can tell you I hated some people at that moment, at special one person hurt me the most. We had long drives in the car and we told each other stuff that are very personal. People keep surprising me!

After that people where starting to send me messages or calling me why I wasn’t at the day I was suppose to come. That went on for 2 weeks.
Everybody that called me I told the whole story and I didn’t care because If I did not say how everything went down I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror again.

I learned, hurt and got stronger from It, even when at some point I started doubting myself.
Never ever doubt yourself because at this point I still have contact with some people within the company and I know they can’t prove I did it. And the funny thing is I can, because at the point where it happend I was outside getting sweets, how ironic.

For me It end good, I finally started my second company and I’m doing what I wanted, finally!
It’s important to tell this story because you still hear people getting locked away and 20 years later they did not do it, like how can this still happen?

Well I told my story and I’m oke with it now, and I still don’t have less Facebook friends hahaha.

Never stop believing in yourself even when people make you the blame for something you didn’t do and the person how (probably) did still works there.

XOXO, Jade


Hi Babes,

With it being March, Spring is around the corner. In spring everything changes, lighter colors you pick to wear, softer make-up and a less heavy fragrance:)
And on that last topic I’m showing you my favorites, normally I wear a bit heavier scent. My all-time favorite is Lancóme with La vie est belle and Micheal kors with Sexy Amber. But today let’s go for the girly scents.


1.Michael Kors: Exotic Blossom

For me I feel that Michael Kors makes those sexy scents that makes a women feel powerful ( My ultimate favorite: Sexy Amber) and I think they did that with this scent too. Also they gave that exotic twist that makes It different from the other ones. €59,99 for 30 ML.

   2.  Jimmy Choo: Blossom
This new scent is girly and smells to me like fresh flowers and long beach nights.
As the brand says: The scent inspires the wearer to radiate self-confidence and     glamor when she
indented the new season.The scent contains elements of the radiant colors and delicious scents
that fill the air after the long winter months. €59,99 for 40 ML.

 3.  Jo Malone Londen: English Fields Honey & Crocus
Jo Malone is my absolute favorite brand with everything, Maybe because they have those
British genes like me. This honey scent gives you the real spring vibe:) € 57,99 for 30 ML.

    4. Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc 
Tom Ford is sexy and like being on a beach an never coming back. As the brand says It in the perfect words: an addictive sunny flower amber brought to life by seductive refinement and
refreshing decadence. This was is the most expensive, € 101,99 for 30 ML.

    5.   Guerlain: Mon Guerlain Florale
I just love Guerlain because they really make everything feel so feminine and that’s the same
with this scent. Sensual femininity, inspired by Angelina Jolie.
The lavish sambac jasmine and the freshness of carla lavender, fused with the delicate peony, produce a radiant fragrance, like a bouquet of sunflowers. €69,95 for 30 ML.

Did you already smell one of the new spring scents? Let me know what your ultimate favorite is:)

LOVE, Jade



Hi Darlings,

With me being addicted to everything gold and vintage, I needed to have the new interior musthave ‘The bar cart‘. Their are so many ways to style it and give your own spin to it. Today I’m showing you how to style your bar cart in 3 different ways and the items that are key to style it with.

Option 1: Pop them bottels!

What most people do ( and to be honest what the car is made for ) is put different bottels of strong liquor with pretty glasses on it. This can really set the party feeling even when you don’t have a party at your place. I used different glasses and combined blue with gold.

Option 2: The no booze on top version;)

If you want to add less booze but more style in too you cart, you can use this option.
On top I worked with magazines and flowers, and to make it a bit extra I put an gold cocktails shaker ( that is 4 euro’s now), some marble coasters and my favorite candle from Jo Malone.
For the bottom you can put down your glasses and off course a little liquor. For an extra touch I put a decanter that is the same color as my blue glasses. Stay hydrated people:)

Option 3: The Leather Lipstick way!

My favorite way to style it is a combo from the top 2 options. I added a print from WIJCK, it’s a print from ‘ARNHEM CENTURM’ because that’s where I live. Also on the top I have my blue champagne glasses, Gin and my Gold cocktails shaker. At the bottom I have some whiskey glasses, my Jo malone candle, some more Gin and my palmtree spoons.

 You can find links of the products in this blog. For this amazing bar cart I have a discount code for you guys of 10% off with code ‘theleatherlipstick’ ( Sponsored).
At HEOO.NL they have different style bar carts and gold items to style your home with, and as you guys know I’m a sucker for gold. Happy shopping!!!

Which option fits your style? Let me know in the comments below:)

LOVE, Jade


Hi Darlings,

A phew months ago I was at an event from Vichy Netherlands with my dear friend Mirte.
And to be honest with you I didn’t do anything as my skin care routine, SO BAD!
They told me about my skin and how bad it will look in a couple of years if I would continu to do nothing about it. I went under a device that made a scan of my face, really weird! You see yourself in black and white and all the areas that are dehydrated and in need for a boost. For me that are my lips, the skin under my eyes and the area around my nose. This gave me a little wake up call and I started to take my skin care a little more serious.

So down below are my ultimate favorites I want to show you:)

STEP 1: Always clean your face, I know sometimes when you are tired and you just want to go to bed ( after a party;) you totally don’t feel like it. But just try and make an effort, the 50 year old you would be thankful.
To clean my face I start by pulling my hair back in a ponytail and wash it with water. After that I use the Niveau Micellair water sensitive. I get 2 cotton pads, for the first I go over my whole face and make sure all the dirt is gone and for the second I go in a bit deeper.

STEP 2: Because off the dehydrated skin under my eyes I use Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening eye balm.
I use 2 pomps of this product and rub it in under both my eyes.
After a week you will notice the difference trust me!

STEP 3: My all time secret and favorite is the Vichy Mineral 89 fortifying and pluming daily booster.
I know it is a lot of words but this product is made with minerals and water. Its so light on the face and you will get that boost you want. ( ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ) I use 2 pomps and rub it in on my whole face and neck.

STEP 4: After that I think using a good daily cream is a must, I use the Vichy slow age. This product is for the younger skin and is so soft. If you are 20 till 35 this product is a must! I use 2 pomp and divide it on my face before I rub it in.

STEP 5: For a total moisturiser I take 2 pomps of the Olaz 7 in one. I love that in this product their is SPF 15, even if like me you live in The Netherlands it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. I use 2 pomps and put it lightly on my whole face.

STEP 6: After all those steps I finish it off with the best serum there is in town, the lancóme Advanced genifique sensitive. This product is the most expensive but it is worth it, after I put this on my hole face my skin feels light and so soft. You really get the feeling it makes your skin look less dry. I use 3 drops on my fingers and rub it in on my whole face.

STEP 7: If I have a party and I want to give my face an extra boost I use the Vichy Liftactiv. This gives your skin such a pretty glow and looks so healthy. I use 2/3 drops and rub it in my face and neck.

So loves this is my routine, do you use products I use? or do you have other must haves that you think I should try? Please let me know in the comments below.

LOVE, Jade


If you believe in your self, you can be unstoppable!

I feel like the last 2 weeks my life has been a rollercoaster, one that goes so quick it can make you sick at times. Everyone has moments in live where they think, am I doing things the right way? With social media everyone is comparing themselves with one and other and honestly I hate that part. I often have these worries, when I’m sat alone and scrolling my Instagram. Accounts pop up that I love and that truly inspire me, and 99% of the time, I’m so inspired by what I see that it urges me to do more and create new plans.

But there are various occasions when the imagery incites doubt and anxieties within me. Am I not doing enough? And you know what, I need to remember one thing. Someone else’s goals, are not mine!!!
2 weeks ago I was at the ‘Mode Fabriek’ and we had a reading from Rico Verhoeven ( World champion kickboxing) he told us how important keeping your own focus is, and never to let what other people are doing get you of track from your own goals.

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I try to tick a number of boxes, and in some cases I find it hard to be all two genres. But there are people out there who are killing it at travel Instagramming, others owning the fashion space. But is what they’re doing better than what I’m doing, for my own goals? Absolutely not. The goals I have will never be achieved by anyone else and their personal steps. The grass is NEVER greener.

So STOP comparing yourself with other people and as Rico says FOCUS on you.
I’m not letting anyone tell me what they think I should do business wise ( except my close family off course) and if that means that people don’t like my instagram or blog that’s fine with me.

Believing in what you create, what you have to offer and what you bring to your personal space. Whether thats your home, life, relationships, employment. What is that special thing that you offer? Write it down now so you don’t forget it, and you can look back when you’re having a doubtful moment. It could be anything, but believe in what it is that you bring to your metaphorical table. No one can do it like you can, because they are not you.

LOVE, Jade

Interior Filles with Design online 24!

Hi Loves,

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays, so let’s start by saying Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. I hope you have a little fun with all your loved ones.
Today i’m coming to you with a interior update, as most of you know we bought our first home last August. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find those amazing statement pieces but santa’s little helper is here to make that challenge a lot easier.

So to start off I found the perfect place to get your statement pieces and that is Designonline24.
For my home gold and marble are a must, it makes your house extra chic with that glamour touch.
I’m so obsessed with my new table because for 1. It’s gold and 2. Because of the of the glass you can see all the details at all times and not have to hide all the pretty details. I got the glass one but for all the marble lovers out there I’ve got the perfect solution;) one with a marble top!

Making a statement in your home is a must for me, you can do it in all possible ways with all kind of items. My statement at home? My bold black and grey rug!! I love the grey twist in it and it makes the details of my gold table even more visible. But if you are not a big fan of black they have mine in 3 different colors but also different kind of shapes and styles. So you can find your perfect fit.

A home needs to be cozy and you because after all you need to live there. So making good choices about you interior can make all the difference and makes you never want to leave the place haha!
So this little helper is going to give you 10 beautiful items to make your house a real home, Let’s start!!

  1. My velvet sofa is just perfection, it’s big enough to make 4 people sit what I think is just amazing. And velvet is one of the biggest trends in interior at the moment. So it the perfect combination. ( this item is in stock at the moment).

  2. This yellow chair is the perfect statement and has the prettiest details to it. And again it brings the velvet trend in to your home. I would put and blanket on it and maybe a soft pillow to make it so so cozy. ( Item is in stock at the moment)

3. These 2 leather chairs fit straight in the urban jungle trend that is going on at the moment. I just love the details and the boldness of these chairs. And what I think is a great solution is that it’s not real leather but does look like real leather. ( item is in stock at the moment)

4. This is my all time favorite because it’s black with marble!! do I need to say more. If it wasn’t for my gold one I for sure would have this one!! ( item is in stock at the moment)

5. Every home need a great dining table a this badass is amazing. I love the big statement it makes with those black matt legs under it. (item is in stock at the moment)

6. This TemaHome side table makes my heart skip a beat. I just love the greens in combination with gold. This is the perfect table to set somewhere when you have a party and you want a statement.( item is in stock at the moment)

7. Everybody needs good lights in their home and this gold baby makes it even better to look at.(item is in stock at the moment)

8. In every bedroom you need some storage space and I think this beauty is the right one for the job!(item is in stock at the moment)

9. I always wanted a bar in my home (Still don’t have one) but a girl can wish for it with these amazing pink stools.(item is in stock at the moment)

10. So loves this beauty is a 10 out of 10, every women deserves a pink velvet chair, LOVEE!! (item is in stock at the moment)

So loves this are my favorites and I hope you love them as much as I do.
I hope you christmas is filled with love and great fun.

Love, Jade

Travel: The Paris Feel

Hi Babes,

In just a month I’m going to Paris, and I can’t wait to be honest.
Drinking coffeé, walking past the eiffeltower and looking up seeing pretty details.
I think traveling gives you a different feel, you don’t need to think and worry about stupid things.
No work and no bullshit, today I had lunch at this super cute place. It was in Amsterdam but gave me that Paris feel. Just look at the pink with gold details and not to mention that amazing carpet, LOVE IT. I could live here haha, just as I could live in Paris. And best of all, we are going to disneyland.
I feel like a kid just typing this but what the hell I don’t care, I can’t count how many times I’ve been but it was a lot. Let adults feel like kids again.

Love, Jade

// Hi Babes,

Nog één maand en dan gaan we één week naar Parijs, Ik kan gewoon echt niet wachten.
In de mooiste koffie tentjes koffie drinken, lopen langs de eiffeltoren en ook gewoon om je heen kijken en al die mooie details zien. Ik denk dat door te reizen je een ander gevoel krijgt, een vrij gevoel. Je hoeft niet na te denken of je zorgen te maken over stomme dingen. Geen werk en geen bullshit, vandaag was Ik In Amsterdam maar het gaf me het gevoel even in Parijs te zijn. Die roze met gouden details en dan heb Ik het nog niet eens gehad over dat tapijt, LOVE IT. Ik zou er zo kunnen wonen, net als in Parijs trouwens. Maar het beste van alles Disneyland, JEEJ! Ik voel me dan altijd zo’n klein kind, but what the hell laten volwassenen soms ook kinderen zijn.

Love, Jade